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About C About.com's C tutorial. They also have a C++ tutorial you'll be able to find from this link.
An Intro To C A C tutorial that is mirrored all over the world.
Burgess Tutorial The site says "This is a C Programming Tutorial for people who have a little experience with an interpreted programming language, such as Emacs Lisp or a GNU shell." This tutorial appears to be very complete. Good diagrams.
C Guide University of Strathclyde's C programming guide.
C in 5 hrs This site boasts you'll learn C in 5 hours. It's a very red website.
C Pointers From the site: "This tutorial covers the basics of using pointers and arrays in the C programming language." Nice to have an in-depth tutorial on this vexing aspect of C.
C Programming Notes Touches on all the basics.
Dinkum C99 library C functions listed with descriptions on how to use them
How C Works HowStuffWorks.com's tutorial on C programming. Promises to be user-friendly but plauged with advertisements.
Kernighan's Tutorial A quick tutorial in C by Brian Kernighan, one of the creators of the language.
Leicester C University of Leicester's introduction to C.
Programming in C A guide geared more for UNIX & Solaris, but definitely covers the universal basics as well.
Sherrill Group Teaches C through a series of bulleted lists. Does not appear to be comprehensive. The layout is quite nice, though, and looks easy to use.
win32 api This tutorial is from the irc effnet #winprog channel's website, and it is an excellent introduction to win32 programming in C.

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