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Tool Description
Emacs is a console IDE described by one user like this: It can do everything but cook coffee. The EMACS is one of the Standard editors for Unix like Systems. It can be extended do almost everything. It's not just an editor, but a complete IDE for C, C++, Java, TeX, and many more. It has and integrated CVS / RCS Version Manager Support. You can read / write E-Mails, HTML Pages and so on. Last but not least you can browse the INFO files that come with most GNU tools.
FTE A console IDE ported to Linux, OS2, Windows and Dos.
JED A console IDE ported to several platforms.
MicroEmacs Ported to several platforms. The download is fast and easy (just download and unzip about 4 files into the same directory). MicroEmacs, like Emacs, is feature rich, but don't expect a brilliant gui. It's a console editor with a Unix look.
SetEdit A console IDE ported to several platforms.
Short Console editor for Windows.
Super Sed An enhanced version of the popular *nix text editor. Has a Windows version.
TDE A DOS console IDE.
VIM A console IDE ported to several platforms.
X2 A console IDE ported to several platforms.

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